EJMfashion Social Platforms Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr

by - Tuesday, February 04, 2014

EJMfashion’s social platform keeps on growing as the weeks, months; years go on from adding our two T’s which are the twitter and Tumblr accounts amongst the Pinterest and Instagram account.
I’ve recently added the Tumblr account because I have got a lot of images to share with you throughout my day travelling, working with clients whilst snapping their amazing work to products.

 All things which take my fancy throughout my day such as my surrounding of coffee shops to parks whilst, adding the fashion element of clothing to classic famous quotes. You may even find the odd competition on there too!

Pinterest and Instagram are the place to see my snaps of the latest trends by Brooke, amongst the sponsored moodboard’s of accessories to my travel edit pictures to anything that needs a snap by my camera regarding inspiration or even just for fun.
Twitter is my main area of contact by clients amongst sharing my daily activity throughout the day whilst, holding chats regarding style to the latest trends through the hashtag #EJMChat which will feature every Friday. It is also the place to see my clients share my work from earlier and latest collaborations. This is got to be my most addicted social media handle.

As for Facebook I don’t really like Facebook to say I have an account however, I cannot remember the last time I actually sign in to the account apart from the odd family photo from recent family event or birthday etc.

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