Fashion Month Memior Interview: Stylist Kev Couture

by - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I love coming back to fashion month memoirs during, the last fashion month which was in February for the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections I interviewed one of my dearest stylist to date.. Kev Couture

Love style however, you’re not the master of putting garments and accessories together to make the must have look. Or either wanting to wear the latest must have trend however not sure what to buy? Kev Couture is the stylist you want to hire to make your bad dressing days varnish “No one wants to look bad”.

His statement is something which has developed into a craze from dressing celebrities and ordinary clients. Kev can work his styling within your shopping and closet ladies and gentlemen.

Working and building up his stylish mantra Kev stylishly socializes about his business and clients throughout his social media handles with the audience of his loyal followers.

 After a couple of impressive months of styling his clients he has gained a respectable presence in the media whilst having a striking stylish career profile. Myself caught up with the stylist regarding the latest trends, forecast for autumn/winter 2013 season amongst shedding some light upon his striking career.

Hi! Kev, people see you as a stylist and an answer to our bad dressing days whilst, being the brains behind the brand Kev Couture Fashion Inc. there are something that is quite covered amongst your image regarding people questioning how you started out.

The way that I came into the world of styling was that I was an intern on the set of a 50 Cent movie in the Wardrobe department and the rest is history as they say.

 People know you as a stylist however, throughout your career you have also been known to be a buyer why did you venture into becoming a stylist?

I mainly ventured into the world of styling because it's more of a one on one service which I like more than being a buyer because I can use more of my creative side.

 Being a stylist of working with clients to build a respectable profile, throughout your creative side of dressing and personal shopping how do you meet the client’s needs through clothes and accessories?

I first find out where and what event there attending then I try to put them in best the outfit possible by picking out colours and fabrics that best fit there body type while highlighting there best features.

  Speaking of clients you’ve recently dressed stars regarding some of the renounced awards ceremonies of the year. How does it feel to see your creations on the red carpet? 

It’s very humbling, I always get excited when, and I see my vision on the Red Carpet

It’s the start of February and it’s the time where most fashion magazines publish their spring/summer trend book for their readers.  From seeing the spring/summer 2013 collections on the runway what would you say is the hottest trend for this spring and summer?

The hottest trend this spring and summer will be featherweight leather and pastel colours like mint, sorbet, yellow and burnt orange.

 Following the themes of trends and February which marks the fashion month for the autumn/winter 2013-14 collections, ahead of the start of the fashion month what trends are you expecting to see from the autumn/winter collections? How will you incorporate this into styling your clients?

 I'm expecting to see more leather, velvet, print, and floral at A/W 2013-14 for fashion week on the catwalk, I use what I see to prep my clients for next year keeping them up dates on trends.

Describing his past experiences backstage at shows, Couture remembers, “It’s like organized chaos when trying to do a fashion show...that’s all it is...I can’t wait.”

Kev Couture will be working his styling and fashion forecasting throughout the fashion month as he is set to attend New York and London Fashion Week.

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