Jack Wills Halifax: Store 1st Birthday coming up. Come & Meet the Team

by - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It’s nearly that time of the year!  Jack Wills Halifax’s 1st birthday is coming up soon; since the store opened last year the store and staff have all grown! A highlight of my first day: “I remember my first day shopping in store to see what it was like after being recommended by friends. The prices and retail service was brilliant. It felt that Jack Wills really belonged in Halifax’s Dean Clough business park. Yet I knew it had a lot to live up too of bringing that Jack Wills atmosphere into Halifax”.
Over the period of time the store has been open it has development hugely from having in store Christmas late night shopping events, with the entertainment coming from local musicians to offering competitions throughout their ever increasing social media handles. The use of social media has allowed the store to gain their voice within, promoting their new stock and offers amongst still offering great customer service and prices across its two floors of the fabulously British brand.

Jack Wills Halifax is not just stopping there with store events to offering you exclusive in store prices which will allow yourself to shop until you drop without breaking the bank. You’ll have to wait and see what the store comes up with as they continue to grow within Halifax and as a store.
In the meantime on personal note for myself I’ve enjoyed collaborating with the staff and growing the store’s presence. For you there is Up to 70% off Summer lines with new swimwear, shorts and tees in stock now #jwsummer. As well as new lines in store now! On women's they have shorts, skirts, dresses and tees all new in.  On men's they have new Polos, tees and shorts.
What are you waiting for? See where the store is. Come and meet the team whilst, get the Jack Wills Look for less!

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