Making The Look All Your Own: Learning to Personalize Your Style

by - Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's So Important About a Personal Style?

When Lauren Conrad was interviewed for Forbes Magazine's website she related the development of an individual's personal style as a type of personal branding. In the article, "Lauren Conrad: How Your Personal Style Affects Your Career," Conrad relates an appropriate personal style as important to success in any line of business, not just high fashion. She also provides one of the best explanations for an emphasis on self-development in this area for any reason, "Having a strong sense of personal style helps tell the world who you are without having to actually spell it out in words."

Personalizing Your Wardrobe & Your Outfits
Personal style is how we choose to wear the outfit, the footwear and the accessories. Now there are tons of great fashion pieces that can be used on many occasions throughout the year. Let’s get down to the very basics and look at what do with foundation pieces.

Jeans Plus
Whether running errands or meeting a friend for an informal lunch, many of us grab a pair of jeans and go. What we might mix with our denim staple says a lot about our personal style. Further, regardless of how often we reach for this solution, there are an infinite number of ways to make this outfit your own.
·         A comfortable pair of jeans can be paired with a solid top of either a new bright color or some of the new ones on the market with threads of glitters sewn through them.
·         Roll the legs of your jeans up and wear a pair of pumps that pick up or contrast with your top's color.
Consider these items to accessorize to express your personal style:
·         Stretch bracelets are an inexpensive way to add some color to your outfit.
·         Tie a scarf around your neck or wear it over your hair.
·         If you choose not to wear a scarf, go for chandelier earrings.

Black Suit (Jacket & Skirt)
Here are some options for the usual black suit in all our closets so that we won't look like wait staff or funeral attendees.
·         Use the layering trend to add a different look to this staid piece. Wear a primary-colored camisole beneath a sheer white blouses.
·         Belt the outfit -- jacket and all -- with a colorful belt. Wear a pair of pumps or heeled sandals in the same color. Wear earrings in the color of the belt's buckle.

"Personal Style" is the expression of your personality and character through the clothes you choose to purchase, how you opt to wear them and what how you choose to approach aspects of fashion. Once you've discovered your own personal style, you'll find a number of accessories can make a generic outfit all yours.

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