Masato's Spring/Summer 2013 collection

by - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Masato Spring/Summer 2013 collection is the light at the end of the tunnel for you all ladies through his beautiful prints to dress. Ah I feel like going on a vacation and packaging up the entire collection. It’s a burst of freshness which at the moment each store around town needs…

Summer poppy of redness comes into the equation for that perfect dress for the Masato women through his unique loose fitting organza dress which comes with the detailing of lining of blackness to contrast with the poppy colour block amongst, accompanying the gold metal popper buttons which line neatly done the centre of the dress.

Staying on the same colour palette Mrs Summer Scarlett features in one of the must have trends. This has been cleverly done by Masato through incorporating the trends of checker board checks with stripes; I must say this has been done cleverly through having the checks on the top half of the dress whilst the stripes run straight down the skirt half of the dress.  Whilst the trends come in a red colour palette it is classically placed with a cream background. Two trends in one dress ladies! That’s perfect harmony I say… Red continues to play with the staple garments of the collection which lands within the category of the perfect top made with red organza however, adding the perfect touch with the detailing of a navy cotton bow detail.

The dress is the main staple of garments of women’s closet making it so that it fit all purposes and occasions Masato has chosen to design dress to suit the day needs of a working women to the lady on the dance floor waltzing surrounded by butlers and champagne.

Classic cream flower pink dress hints Masato use of two tone colours whilst, putting together a perfect dress for the Masato lady to take it to day or night through this classic yet unique pink jacquard voile fabric featuring  a pink flower pattern over the top. (It’s like cream and strawberries or ok then cream and raspberries) Awarding winning combination of a design!  

Pretty Poppy Patterns Masato! He uses bold yet classic colour palette which features with white, red, and black which go together very well whilst, adding his own signature into the piece with a navy cotton contrast to the bold print by incorporating  cross front skirt. You can also get the pretty poppy print in its own overshirt dress, trouser and shirt, add a pair of black heels ladies and you’re good to go!  The poppy print is turned down in the sarashi crepe grey dress since the pretty poppy print makes small details to the ends of the classic short collar whilst, making an presence across the centre of the bust and within the inching waist belt which nicely marries the two together. Speaking of the poppy print featuring in small details it does it within the white cotton shirt.

A more tailored look can also come out of the collection with Masato selection of cuts, colours, and materials ladies! Twill trousers are perfect to make up your business suit ladies! All you need now is the twill pattern centred bow detailed top which together looks perfect however; it’s also perfect with your other pairs of trousers in your closet. Tailored taste means refined and polished up look coming from this dress it ticks all the boxes, with the V neck detail made by fishtail bow amongst being one of this seasons must on trends colours which is mint. Cinched in at the waist creates that perfect tailored look which can found with Masato’s satin and cotton organza which is done on a contemporary pattern of embroidered   circles coming in purple and cream. Circles come in a more making a pattern on a skirt moment due to Masato’s technique of creating a top half of purple satin with bow detailing which adds an effect of petals.

Clever yet refreshing even though it’s within the same colour palette ladies!

Separate pieces bought for closet and can also find something to go with them even though they might not meet the standards as an all in one piece. That is the art of dressing to your own style to yourself and personality. Masato does this through by adding one pieces into the spring/summer collection from the grey drape sleeve top which with the belt adds an accessory too your outfit already.

Even a jacket can lead you to create an outfit. By Masato adding in the sleeveless trench coat which comes with the classic trench detailing in the colour palette of red or grey and blue. You can easily create a look around the chosen colour palette and the tailoring and shaping done by the jacket. Tops and trousers to tops and skirts Masato has designed a couple of skirts featuring stripes through the material of organza or either navy cotton adding that pleating detail. You can also walk the line with the organza blocked striped top which could easily put together with trousers or skirt.

These one pieces within your closet ladies are the opening to your outfit so play around with them to create your own unique look to suite you and your personality.

Overall this collection of garments is the ideal touch your closet needs. By investing in these pieces you will be making that transition of winter into spring/summer whilst having the garments to suite your needs and any occasion. Whilst wearing the spring/summer trends. 

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