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by - Thursday, April 04, 2013

I’ve been a daily reader of for a while now. It’s the platform where everything creative and well written comes together whilst, showcasing and highlighting the work of fresh and new establishments’ creative talents around the world.  All of this creative talent is overseen by Editor in Chief & creative director Lauraine Bailey.

The creative power at be platform is sending out contributory vacancies  for you to get involved if you would like to showcase your creative talent within the categories of women’s and men’s fashion, beauty   and grooming, the forms of art within illustrations and poetry, and even photography.  You can find out more regarding these positions and even find the moodboard’s to help you create your article to add to the creative platform of contributors.

If that is not enough for you Submission Magazine is also looking for inspirational people of colour to help grow their ‘Liquorice’ platform which is about celebrating talents. Recently they have had an entry of contribution to this platform regarding, the profile of Emmanuel Abiodun Lawal who is a model within the agency of AMCK model agency in London. See more of his profile here.

The current issue of Submission magazine is also out now! Which captures some beautiful photographer spreads highlighting all possible everyday movements through dance to capturing of how you can go beyond the normal of you.

Go ahead and click into expressing your creative talent into the public eye.

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