Accessories: Chanel Celebrity Clutch Must Have...

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Chanel’s Creative clutches… The triple C’s are creating a celebrity must-have accessory at the moment. This quirky plastic clutch done by the fashion house for this spring/summer has been spotted to be a must have accessory for the likes of Rita Ora and the Kardashians.
 The only question is would you really spend £5,370 on the clutch?
This the clutch which comes in varies multi-colours from pink, green, yellow, and red amongst coming with a matching strap which you can alter to suit your accessory needs. This clutch costs more than the fashion houses iconic black quilted bag.
The clutch can be purchased at any of Chanel’s Boutiques and accessory departments.
Would you toy with your purse to buy this clutch or the classic quilted bag?

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