Blogger Collaboration: Hannah Wintours & my own Top Ten Fragrances

by - Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm very glad use two ladies have finally collaborated on a project. This very project between ourselves has been in the planning stage for a very long due to the fact, with us two being fashion bloggers our schedules have very busy indeed.

Hannah Wintour is a dear fashion blogger of mine who I met through doing an interview with her regarding my blogging and my self’s story of how I got into blogging back in my early days. Since then I've watch her blog and career grow and now she is making her debut by attending this year’s Graduate Fashion Week in September. Tweet: @_HANNAHWINTOUR

These collaborative posts will be holding on Hannah’s and mine blog 1st of every month featuring all things you need to know about beauty, fashion, events, cultural edits. Stay Tuned…

 Hannah's: Serpentine by Roberto Cavallo

This scent makes me feel so super special whenever I put it on. It just smells expensive, you know? It's quite a fresh, fruity aroma that is just DIVINE! It lasts all day too and I receive tons of compliments whenever I wear it! The only downside is that it's quite expensive (but to be honest, what high-end fragrances aren't?) and I just wish I could afford to keep repurchasing it... Although it is my birthday soon so *hint hint* to anyone I'm close to reading this...


 Mine: Miss Dior by Dior

I love Miss Dior by Christian Dior!

Ever since after having the time to shop and smell it has been a favourite. This reminds me of cleanness and spring which is perfect right now. Dior has also been a favourite of mine due to its atmosphere of elegance. Beautiful notes of florals come your way. If that not enough you can simply you get your hands one of their sample envelops. This will last forever and it’s such a great gift too for yourself or too a peer.

Mine: The original Chloe

Chloe’s perfume is a family classic perfume within my family.
This is because, my mum and her sisters used to wear this particular perfume when they was my age.
Since then it’s been kept in the family being passed around with myself and cousins being introduced too this fragrance.
Why not this is a perfect classic original yet timeless by Chloe.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to pass this around when I’m a parent however for now it’s for me to treasure.

 Hannah's: It's vintage love by Mark & Spencer

I have to admit, with this one I completely fell for the marketing ploy and fell in love with the bottle first. It just looks so dainty and classy on my dressing table. Even if you don't like the scent, it's just worth having to decorate your room with! How you wouldn't like the scent though is a bit impossible... It's a fruity yet musky scent, I would say probably more suited for night time. If this makes any sense at all, the scent completely matches the name "Vintage Love". Probably doesn't make sense, but I guess you just have to sniff it to see what I mean!

 Hannah's: Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood
This is the scent that reminds me of my early teenage years when I really started getting into fashion and I was completely obsessed with Vivienne Westwood. My Grandmother bought me this fragrance one Christmas when I was about 13 and it reminds me of her. It's a very heavy, musky scent, more night-time friendly, its a very sexy smelling scent and the red bottle is just as luxurious as the aroma.

Mine: Ted Baker Butterfly Wings body spray

Ted Baker’s beauty range within boots has been stop for travel size companies at the moment, since I discovered Baker by Ted Baker childrenswear when I was little within Debenhams. I’ve never looked back from being a little Baker girl back in the day. Still today I little splurge of their Womenswear.
This particular fragrance is always sitting in my handbag every day and every moment ready for me spray myself for a refresher up and I can since this very cheap to purchase with it being £2.50 for 50ml at boots.  It’s the most perfect travelling perfume you can have on you without carrying about big bottles of fragrances. It’s a perfect investment!

Mine: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs reminds me of summer and being on vacation.  “ Here comes the sun…Here comes the sun” Roxette June afternoon comes into mind when the fragrances comes to mind. My mum has got this fragrance and she loves it! Myself loves it too (sneakly uses) and its one of Marc Jacobs fragrances which has been favourite within stores. It’s perfect if you are looking for something youthful, refreshing, and summery.

Hannah's: Intimately Beckham by DVB
This is actually one of my all-time favourites, its sooooooo easy to wear day or night, lasts all day and isn't too heavy on the skin. It's a gorgeously fresh scent with fruity and floral undertones perfect for Summer!
It's not too expensive either which is a bonus!
 Mine: DKNY Fresh Blossom

DKNY’s fresh blossom fragrance is so refreshing that its perfect without anytime time of the day or night because of its freshness of scent. Beauitfully sphere like shape is easy to put on your desk or anywhere you fancy really. I knew it was a good chrsitmas present when it came in a gift box with its body lotion. Refresh yourself 24/7 with DKNY ladies!
Hannah's: L by Gwen Stefani

As a huuuuuuuge long-term Gwen Stefani fan, I bought her perfume on the day of it's release in September 2007 and if I'm honest I would've bought this fragrance even if it smelled like urine. Good job for me (and others in my immediate proximity) it doesn't! This is actually the fragrance that I've received the most compliments on which is always a good thing! The smell is delicious, its a very fruity scent perfect for the Summer! As an eau de parfum it lasts forever, seeping into clothes and lasts for days lingering in the air. The bottle is very unique, an interesting design! The only downside to this is that they've now discontinued it :( Hate it when they do that!

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