EJM Beauty A Chanel Signature LE Rogue Chanel Lip Gloss

by - Monday, July 01, 2013

For this week’s beauty post is all about the one and only CHANEL’s new lip-gloss they have brought since, after all is the week of Couture of elegance down the runway. The French fashion house’s show is first thing on Tuesday morning and I will have a review on that later.

CHANEL’s new lip-gloss collection is called ‘Le Rogue Chanel’ which showcases, the French fashion houses most iconic yet classic gloss which will illuminate the lips with sheer shades.

The collection of lip gloss comes within such beautiful yet light sheer shades to add to your lip whatever state they are in ladies.

Starting from the first gloss is a transparent one which will perfectly illuminate your already coloured lips or bare without any hesitation. A perfect touch up and go would account this gloss. Continuing down the colour palette scale with the natural palette of gloss which comes, in pearlescent white named ‘Aragonite’ or delicate peach shade which is called ‘Sheshell’ however either way will compliment your natural makeup look.

Onto the pink ladies!

This sees the collection of gloss grow within different shades of pink. From the very light yet tender pastel pink to the bubble gum pink this adds in a mulit-coloured sparkle to your lips when wore. As you get darker within the shade of pink the collection adds in a soft rosewood shade whilst, the ‘Daydream’ comes in an intense metallic fuchsia and continuing to a darker shade finishes the collection with the glossy rose garnet shade or the “ crushed cherry” shade which is an rich burgundy shade.

Overall either one you pick from any Chanel beauty from one of their boutiques, Beauty Salon in Covent Garden, or even in a department store the gloss will give your lips the incident up date. Whilst illuminating them as part of your makeup look ladies.


P.S My favourite shade has to be the “Rose Sauvage” shade. What your favourite shade?

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