EJM in Yorkshire: Leaving School and being a blogger..You would have thought it would open doors to jobs etc? Open letter to our young people

by - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear young people,
I don't normally do a post on this level of subject however, since its been brought to my attention on a personal note of experience I thought it would be appropriate to share with you.
Being a fashion blogger over the course of five years amongst, being within education at the same would mean a result of jobs flying off the handle as well as making it an easier route to be in the career I would like to be in... Well Boohoo!

It’s fabulous having your own blog amongst racking in a large readership and promotion through social media, cliental lists of brands to PR ladies and gentlemen, to attending fashion weeks such as London and the press days which add to it amongst the hard work and effort.

Well since I’ve left school with good grades from an A* in Business, B’s, and C’s around the other subjects I’ve taken. You would have thought this girl’s got brains yet a touch of independence and drive throughout holding herself on a business note of her blog etc… However it comes down to the experience you have.

You maybe thinking what are you talking about? It’ s great like I said before being a blogger working within your own hours of the day and doing what you love however, when you’ve left school you become a fish in tank with other fishes around you. You apply for a job like part time work anywhere you can yet there is a STOPPING point I’ve found which is ‘DO YOU HAVE ANY PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE’ within the following job you are applying for???

Well that’s a whole new story all together! Being a student at high school you aren’t the correct age yet to be applying for jobs and then in your last two years school either skips work experience week etc. Over something like its funding to something of a made up excuse amongst, this situation this is where you as a student are like well where I am going to start then?

If you’ve done what I’ve done which is apply for a large amount of jobs and employees are not accepting you because  you don’t have experience within the job you’ve applied for. You are left with this written figure of speech ‘Well if I cannot get a job then how I’m purposed to get the experience which will require me to get the job”?

It really makes me laugh about this fact about our young people not having enough experience within the given field just to get a part time job because, of school missing out on work experience week or the student not being the correct age even though we’ve worked hard to get the best grades possible rating from A* to C…It’s become a nightmare.

Welcome to big world and I wish every young person who has left school with the required grades for finding a part time job within weekends ahead of going to college or internships etc.

Do whatever you can to get the experience you need. After all it’s the most important thing employees look for apart from your grades etc…

*PS: Myself is looking for part time work at weekends within the area of Huddersfield and Leeds City Centre. (You can see examples of my work as a fashion blogger, clients comment, and contact information too)


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