LCM: Burberry Prorosum Spring/Summer 2014 menswear

by - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Live from Kensington Burberry’s menswear returned to London, with the brands Prorsum spring/summer 2014 menswear collection.

From the first look was a camel coloured coat with flap pockets whist, having an under layer of an emerald green cashmere sweater which was finished off with shirt, tie, and trousers just like the other looks which started coming down the runway after the look.

As always the outwear coats and jackets played a main part in the collection from the tailored jackets, sandy and navy cabans which were either full length or cropped, to the artist jackets whilst the cardigans came hooded. These jackets, overcoats, and raincoats played a part of this theme of a rainbow hue of colour palette which was painted on every garment, shoes, and man bags the Burberry Boys were wearing and carrying as they took to the runway.

The knitwear came colour blocked in colour pops of bright colours from the primary colour wheel whilst, sailor stripes made an appearance too in monochrome colour on one of the many sweaters showcased throughout the show. The stripes also continued to show on the shirts too. Speaking of an element which when put together with other tailored elements makes a perfect well-tailored suit. This is exactly what one of the Burberry Boys wore showcasing a true classic suit perfect for the boardroom.

From the under layers of shirts and ties then the very colourful top layers of jackets to overcoats I’ve got admire the clever ways Christopher Bailey brought, a very summery note to the Burberry Boy closet and it was nothing like I’ve seen before during the collections at this month’s LMC.

Welcome back to London Burberry Boys!

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