LCM: Topman Design Spring/Summer 2014 menswear

by - Sunday, June 16, 2013


Big Ben stroke twelve and the Topman gentlemen took to the runway. It seemed as if the Topman is finally growing up from last season just like we’ve seen from the Topshop girl at London fashion week.
There was a running theme of cowboy saloon but without cowboy hats and pointy ankle boots however, the shirts were there in true prints and blocks of colour. Slouchy black trousers could be seen all the way through the show which meant, the top half would have to make a statement and be the main focus of the collection. Yes the top half had completed its mission…
We saw rolled up sleeved shirts at the beginning of the show in the classic colours of black and white with their shoulders adored by intricate floral detailing and the odd black spider sat on both shoulders. From the florals patterns on the shoulders of the shirts black piping could be seen across the chest area and down the panel of the buttons. Throughout the show the shirts became fully sleeved with the touch of the colour block of red to add to the colour palette.

From shirts to sweaters and waistcoats were also adored with the intricate floral detailing, from the panels of the black waistcoat to the chest area and neckline of the jumpers which came in a red and black colour palette. 
Statement yet contrasting one sleeveless baseball jacket came in this season’s most loved trend which is ‘precious metals ’as it, came in a gold colour palette on top of a black sleeved shirt.  Staying with the subject of baseball jackets they were also adored in the intricate floral detailing which contrasted with the monochrome colour palette.
The Topman got suited and booted for the boardroom with showcasing of two suits which came fully blocked coloured either in white or black whilst, the single breasted blazers lapels were also adored with the floral intricate detailing which was showcased throughout the show.
To top it all off the accessories were either a pair of shades, selection of belts, and brogues which made a cool yet collective presence with the Topman gentlemen has he  took to the runway.  Overall it was very well styled yet a mix of tailored and coolness edged collection.

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