Summer Sunny Sunshine Stays...

by - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sunshine galore is the statement to make this week ladies and gentlemen.. So get your sunglasses out, fedora, shorts and tees, amongst the playsuits and the ice creams.. Sunshine has hit the UK!

Throughout towards the end of last week the sunshine of warmth hit the UK which left myself pooled into throwing out the holiday clothing and beautiful floral playsuits. As well as the odd accessories of sunglasses (which are just mainly worn for fashionwk) and the wedges to sun cream.
 Ever since the hazy sunny days which are continuing this week onto the weekend I've been out and about with peers with a backpack and gear in hand hitting the park amongst, climbing up hills to find a perfect spot which in a result of a beautiful view across the area where I live. (Just reminds me of Jack Wills Get Lost campaign for this summer)

In fact it just leaves me to wonder wither I might just stay up here all day long and never come down due to the beautiful sunshine and view from across however, one has got come down at some point and continue the fashion along with going back to normality ahead of the vacation in August...
  Finally since the summer sunshine has approach us for a week or two its the perfect time to refresh your wellbeing right? (See post here) Calgary Avansino has the perfect answers too within this weeks Wellbeing diary on

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you maybe.. The blog will resume back to normal this week.
* PS Oh dear Madonna has started singing ' Holiday' on the playlist* " It would be so nice"...

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