The Elle UK Beauty Team to a mix of Wellbeing Warriors of Plenish,, Up Raw oh & Twitter!

by - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unwind with Prosperity Candles (See Post)
Well what a mixed up day eh? From a business and marketing lecture in the afternoon. Well before that entire business minded objective the morning was written on a more open minded note. As Elle UK’s beauty team tweeted with the hashtag “ #hELLEthy”

Elle’s beauty team was within the mission of turning a new leaf on the beauty desk and they were in need for healthy snacks inspiration since, I’m on mission myself to refresh my wellbeing I gave my 140 characters advice. Tweeting: “Try Plenish Cleanse juices and for healthy snacks of fruit and nuts amongst Up Raw snacks too #hELLEthy”.
Well after that it became a buzz within the tweeting world regarding the companies I’ve mentioned within the tweet. So after the birds started tweeting and there was chance to order in some samples regarding Plenish Cleanses lovely juices and Up Raw healthy snacks.

I thought this would be a great option for post to share and give you the chance to order some of the products to add into your lifestyle and diet. So here it is my top three products….

      1.       PLENISH is your green light to go ahead of refreshing your wellbeing because, it is your only step one which will help refresh and press reset to your wellbeing amongst giving your digestive system a rest. The bottles are filled with great goods of fruit and vegetables which mixed together gives some tasty refreshing flavours.  See my post about Plenish here. You can order your juices here.
      Tweet: @Plenish_Cleanse
       2.       Snacks can be very tempting for you to go with not so healthy products which are out there for snack time or your 4 o’clock slum. My first snack is from and after seeing the advertisement on the television it has been on my list. allows you to select 100 nutritious snacks of nuts to dried fruit and place in a box; to be sent either to your work or home and once delivered you can snack on them without now guilt. It’s that simple. Start creating your box of guilt free snacks 
       Tweet: @grazedotcom

          3. My final snack suggestion is from Up Raw. These nutrients bars are full goodness of natural products from walnuts, whey protein, a touch of honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut, coco powder, and finally a touch of sea salt. Theses ingredients combined to make a simple yet healthy option to have as a snack whilst being at home, office, or even on the go within your own schedule.  See the website and shop Up Raw. Tweet: @Up_raw

Don’t forget to check back at Elle UK’s beauty desk as they are getting ready for summer.

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