EJM Beauty: Start your day of right with Miranda Kerr Part 2

by - Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What a day yesterday brought regarding celebrating one of my dearest friends 16th birthday however, back from the parting to enjoying the sunshine in the garden for today and the little chores too.
Throughout a couple of months now I’ve being holding a series on the blog regarding ‘Restarting your wellbeing’ and last time I did a post regarding Miranda Kerr’s yoga workout. For today’s beauty post is based on her morning and into the day routine regarding her morning shake and diet during the day. I love it how Net A Porter has made a highlight of this wonderful way to eat clean and get your wellbeing right to your tune. See how Miranda Kerr tunes in her wellbeing ahead of her day...
You can check out the other post’s I’ve done featuring the best products to have for a snack when your energy levels are down to creating that perfect cleanse for yourself as a restart. There is also workout tips from personal trainer Charli Cohen too.

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