Pop goes the colour with Jack Wills Brillant Brights Collection Part 1: Womenswear

by - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The fabulously British brand Jack Wills are having their annual summer sale which features over 250 added lines and is all about those summer snap ups! Underneath the red text of ‘Sale’ comes their new arrivals Ladies and Gentlemen which is all about popping colour!
It’s all Brilliantly Bright so you may have still wear them sunglasses however, in my book this the perfect pre-season collection by the brand ahead of shopping their autumn term range which has come into most stores stock. (I’m looking forward to their autumn term press preview and the Jack Wills Halifax Birthday Party – which I will have, details for you shortly).

Starting with the ladies range it features Alwyn parka which goes with everything whilst also featuring a medium selection of Cami tops coming in red, Iris which is type of purple, white, and a floral print all with the lace detail on the shoulder straps of the cami. A comfortable tee is all you need for a casual look. The Balkhome does that with its long sleeved shaping with, the iconic Jack Wills logo in the centre of hues of almond and Kahi colour palette.
Following the lines of the Iris, Almond, and the Kahi colour palette the vest tops come with the same center piece detail of the Jack Wills logo whilst, the Chacomb vest has the detail of buttons and a race back. (You can also find the button details on the Exeter tee too) Whereas you continue to look down the page you’ll find that the brand’s stripes have made a return with the Elsmere tee!

This was first on my list
I love this Angold Lace Cami in a floral print!
Looking forward to wearing it with my chino and loafers.  Shop it here
  As any staple in my closet it has to go with everything and going on the coffee run before heading to college this is the perfect parka to wear. I can wear it with my crew jumper, shirt, black jeans or legging or shorts, Chelsea boots, and finally the satchel bag.
                         Shop it here

I love the colour red so I’ll be investing in this crew to go with the satchel bag, jeans, and loafers… Shop it here

For the fourth top item I will have to for the Shipstone dress… Shop it here


 Classically colour blocked tee’s are a most have in anyone’s closet so it’s not surprising Jack Wills have adopted this to feature in this collection coming in the colours of Hibiscus, Iris, navy, and white. In the collection the famous coloured blocked tee’s also come adorned with statement prints too on the ‘Milford Graphic Tee’. Continuing with the classics the crew which is knitwear royalty of the brand comes in Hibiscus, Iris, and Olive colours. What more can you get?

   The knitwear continues with the Rosela cardigan which is the perfect cover up.

If you’re fed up throwing on them pieces of clothes to make an outfit simply put on the Shipstone dress and just add the right accessories. To finish off you’re outfit the collection features chinos and denim.

So you’ve heard it from me and now it’s your turn to discover the collection for yourself.
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Gentlemen look out for part two which is coming up shortly.


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