Travel Edit: Sewerby Hall and Gardens

by - Monday, July 01, 2013

Well throughout this weekend it was an early get up and dive into the car for another travel edit with the family members. I enjoy escaping from the urban life and the townhouse to the winding country roads and this time we were all heading to Sewerby House.
My brother has been here before with his class mates on a school trip. It was still equally suitable for the age group of us two and parents because when we got there was elderly, couples, and families visiting and the activities which were available to do.

We started off with visiting to the zoo which features various animals including ostriches, penguins, pigs, goats, to the pheasants (however without the top hats and walking stick you’ll find for the Jack Wills logo) and peacocks. As well as the animals I’ve highlighted the list goes on and on…..

From wondering around the zoo we headed to the house which is so grand within features from the furniture and painting which surround the house as you move from room to room. The main features of the house was being in the hall and walking up the Cantilevered staircase because, of its grand plush red carpet which takes center stage to the paintings.

Heading outside we entered the gardens which are such beautiful landscapes to walk around because of the selection of flowers and characteristics a garden should have. To top it all off it the sunshine was out and from any direction a photo opportunity was executed very well.
Moving away from the house and into the gardens at the front there was cricket match going on with the local cricket club which is based in the grounds so that was a good place to watch. After all they were benches all the way around the cricket field ahead of the edge of the beach below. From watching the cricket team play their game we slowly headed off to the woodland walk and came back just in time for afternoon tea in the clock tower.

  That afternoon tea was a delightful moment because of the surrounding views around the outside seating areas. This trip was only in Bridlington. Personally I was taken back. It’s a little treasure if you want to come with the family, friends, or a loved one because it features things which people of all ages can relate too.

I could not recommend anything more if you are visiting Bridlington

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