Weekend: Hazy Days of Summer Sunshine...

by - Monday, July 08, 2013

Friday morning...

Well it’s been a hazy day of summery sunshine Ladies and Gentlemen from the semi-finales of Wimbledon on Friday. Well that was an adventures day out within my Jack Wills stripy T-shirt dress with family members of the auntie and grandparents in Skipton. From the walking around a very busy Skipton town catching up with the few people I don’t really see that much however it made a change and the chance to catch up. Lunching over Fish ‘n’ Chips.

A look to be worn by me..

 Friday night was opted for me featuring in a charity fashion and what a sense of humour was that! Walking for a small audience whilst having a ball for charity was the opted vision of what I was expecting over the course of the days beforehand. I really enjoyed myself and so the other models did too amongst the audience.
Saturday brought a more sleepy start to a very warm yet beautiful weather. A morning and afternoon doing errands with my mum and stopping at my grandparents to watch the finale match of the Ladies Single’s and seeing the presentation of the trophies.

Saturday evening brought me and my mum to dress up and head to the theatre to watch my stage school’s annual summer showcase at the Victoria Theatre. (I was going to be in it however my exams clashed at the same time so I opted out and to the do the November Dance show). From a student who has done the show and never watched it from an audience point of view it was brilliant! From the solo singing, school sketches, the comedy TV show sketch.

Sunday brought well the finales of Wimbledon which we were all glued to the TV however, for the afternoon I was out with friends sat in my local park with the sunshine.  Although saying that I at home just in time to watch the finale bit ahead of the presentation of the trophies. Congratulations to Andy Murray! As we sat in the park we were also had it the match on the phones to keep update as we sunbathed….The evening finished off with a family out.

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