EJMfashion's First Edition of Glossi Mag: 'The Summer Girl Returns'

by - Thursday, August 01, 2013

Glossi.com - EJMfashion
It's been a busy couple of days and now its finally here to read, watch, click!

This particular edition sees the ‘EJMfashionista girl’s’ life in focus this month has she snapshots how the most biggest trends from the spring/summer season,  are transitioning into this year’s autumn and winter season. Whilst highlighting her recent travel edit to the wonderful grounds of Sowerby House in ‘Summery Sowerby’.
 As well as getting herself ready for the long vacation coming up she shares her favourite exercise to favourite ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ regarding, how you can tune  you’re body to perform and look its best ahead of hitting the beach amongst the best reads of the summer.

Happy reading!

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