Florian London's New Generation of handbags for the modern Women

by - Thursday, September 05, 2013

WOW! I would like to make a statement that my feet are happily on the ground after a day of being on the rides at Alton Towers ahead of starting the first time of college tomorrow.
Well after that little diversion for a day I would like to introduce to you a project in which has been created by the wonderful designers and British accessory brand Florian London.  


Florian London is specialised in producing quality leather handbags inspired by British heritage with a modern twist. Their bags have been designed from the inside out to accommodate the modern woman, smart compartments to accommodate what the modern woman carries in her handbag.

At the end of August ahead of September this ever growing accessory brand launched their new collection which features a classic tote in the materials of Nylon/Patent Leather with colour palette of either oxblood or black, patent leather clutch in the palette of either red or black, crossbody bag in the palette of royal blue or aubergine, classic shopping tote in Biscuit Brown/Sky Grey, and finally of course that famous purse.

This new collection features on Kick Starter which will enable you as consumer to get the chance to buy Florian London bags and accessories at heavily discounted, early bird price, purely for pledging money before the bags are officially on sale. Regarding the accessory brand’s new venture one of their spokesperson had this this to comment: “It’s a great opportunity for you to buy a great investment piece, for an excellent price. Bags such as the Lilly, will retail at £120, but an early pledge will mean you can have it for £80. Or for £120, instead of the retail price of £195, you can have the luxuriously soft Amelia cross body bag in electric blue or aubergine. Items start from as little as £15 for the new Florian London leather coin purse.”


Yet your investment and pledge into Florian London’s new collection of high quality accessories will not only help the brand as they continue to develop yet will go towards the funding of you’ll help the brand to complete their collection and help produce a variety of colours amongst, allowing Florian London to expand and making it available globally. Here at EJMfashion I am very keen to help our British Fashion Industry of emerging/established brands or designers and I would like you readers to help in support by contributing as little or big as you whilst, spreading the word of Florian London and this pledge through you’re social media connections.


I would really like to see that Florian London has the correct amount of funding for their brand whilst, their founders or directors don’t have to worry about capital or funding. Please support this exciting accessory brand to help them get on their way. That’s all I ask.


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