Five months on from launching.. My Review of the Vogue Today app

by - Sunday, October 06, 2013

After going on my home screen on
my Iphone and double clicking the home button.
For my timeline to appear here's what the app looks like.  
#VogueToday gone tomorrow… Well you could say that really about the wonderful app Conde Nast Digital Britain/British Vogue has brought out due to the fact it updates its warobe inspiration every day according to the weather.

Since its launch on the 18th June this year myself over the past five months have had this app by my side every morning as I open my closet and place garments into what I want to wear. Yet it’s helpful (just like last Friday is was humid yet very rainy and myself was aiming to place a cosy knit with tights to Chelsea boots etc.) Yet saying that a doubt came to mind and just for that little security so I did not get too over warm a tap and my personal fashion assistant appeared whilst, I may have chosen the knit it was all changed because practically I found that I was digging myself a very wintery outfit out. After that consolation from the app I was within cotton layers for an outfit.

I’m not saying that I stick to the app all the time however if you’re insecure about what to wear on the type of weather I’ve highlighted it just helps. I say if it’s raining I normally go with my Burberry weather motto which is a trench, umbrella, ankle boots or cropped trousers etc.  Yet I know in my mind that I can dress accordingly to trends etc however, like I highlighted above its just little guidance in a morning ahead of the day which allows you to breathe regarding what you are wearing. One can easily tap the app and jump out the bed into the closet to throughout garments and accessories which will fit into the advice above on the app.

Above all that as well you get Vogue’s traditional feature of  ‘Today in History’ information too which I like to see whilst having a quick slide through ‘Today I’m wearing’ monthly persons outfits on the way to college amongst sharing the ‘Quote of the day’ with #VogueToday.

All in all if you are in any doubt what to wear the #VogueToday app is very inspirational I’ll tell you that after the five months I’ve learnt from the app. Enjoy using it and I hope it makes morning dressing yourself a lot easier.

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