Masato's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

by - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It’s a new season in store’s regarding, this year’s autumn and winter collections yet on the catwalk it’s all about the spring/summer 2014 collections.

My dear designer friend Masato and his team have been very busy these seasons of the year with brands spring/summer 2014 collection show and launch. The collection features on the brand website and there is pops of a spring coming with each click you will make ladies!

Floral fun is to be had with Masato for next year’s spring/summer with a bright promising note with clean white backgrounds yet the florals took over the shifts, two pieces of either the A-line skirt dress or printed top shift dress, to the scoop and V neck dressers to finally the sweetheart strapless floral number. These florals also came with the rainbow hue of a colour palette however; the other have of the garments I’ve highlighted came in a golden floral bronze moment. Yet the coat which featured with bronze palette of the florals reflected that Masato and his team thought of the fact that since the spring/summer 2014 come on the shop floor in February you may need a coat for the winter/cold spring weather.

Vibrant lady like pink’s also feature in the collection with a knee length skirt and a  fuchsia tulle dress amongst , the colour block of pink there was also the blocks of a chocolate brown shift and a blue stretch A-line dress.

Yet overall Masato worked his animal prints very neatly and well through hazily features them using the leopard print with the palette of either blue or shaded grey full length dresses.

Overall Masato and his team should be proud of the collection they’ve produced for next year spring/summer. The clothes say it all of how far the brand as come in the launch as well as highlighting the uniqueness the brand gives to the womenswear collection each season.

Happy shopping!

·         Photos are from the recent show of the spring/summer 2014 collection taken by photographer Chris Keller Jackson
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