Trick or Treat with Charlotte Olympia's Halloween Spooktacular Collection!

by - Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween is coming! You better be all ready for the ball of the mysterious of decadent and gothic glamour of demure materials, to the accessories which make up the theme for your character for the night. Speaking about accessories I cannot think of any other accessory designer to go to for this year’s Halloween (well you could go to Philip Tracey for your hat) however, this accessory designer is the one and only Charlotte Olympia.

Olympia’s Halloween collection of accessories come within the inspiration of the seasons most popular influential characters and food which is the traditional pumpkin and vampire (countess for you ladies).

Starting off with the shoes for this year’s Halloween collection well ladies you can choose from flat footed with this season’s most decadent loafers from the designer. Which these flats will make a statement with most minimal of outfits. You can choose from the classic grey which is the ‘Glow in the Dark Kitty’. (This pair is my favourite). These flats have the embellishment of red crystal eyes and embroidery to make up a kittens face on the front of the shoe. Yet there is a surprise in store which is the trick of the flats to glow in the dark in a fluent green colour palette. 

If we take to the dance floor and hold our posture into the straight guidelines of ballroom (like requested on strictly) Olympia’s heels will just elegantly add that height we are looking for. 
Crawl elegantly to the dance floor with Charlotte's 'Spider Dolly' heels which come in black suede with the embellishment of gold metal spiders whereas, they continue to a great height within the room as they strike gold of the sweet candy toffee wrapper has they unwrap their dance moves with Kick’s and flicks as you ladies continue to be the ball with your Sweetie Heels and if you fancy a moment of quiet sneak off into the night  with the one with the 'Louise Heels'

Olympia’s clutches come with the same lines of characteristics the shoes of the Halloween come.  
As always details are never spared on these clutches. First pick of the bunch is one of my favourite which is the ‘Trick or Treat Pandora’ this clutch is clear Perspex, black embroidered pouch inside whilst the clasp itself carries that your treats of your desire to carry which I personally like.  Carrying on with the spider theme Olympia has added the Spider Pouch clutch. This clutch carries the details of spiders crawling across the front of the clutch whilst, allowing you to easily pair with the Spider Dolly heels. 

Hate spiders but love of the details they leave behind regarding their web? Well if yes ladies Olympia has done an alternative clutch to the themes I highlighted at the start of this post. The pouch Web Clutch is simply adorned with the elegance of the laser cut spider’s web patterns amongst the black suede material. 

Overall ladies you have the pick of the bunch of the treats and tricks Olympia as created for this year’s Halloween themed accessories. Yet if you either go with a treat and trick, treat and treat, or trick or trick you will have a spooktacular Halloween whatever shoe and clutch you pick!

*Images Charlotte Olympia

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