Got a old coat or couple? Donate your Coat to the nearest Hands On London #WrapUpLondon coat collection 9th-13th November 2015

by - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The days are getting a bit chilly here now don’t you think? The leaves are changing to their warm colour palettes and well the clocks have strike dark evenings earlier since the clocks have gone back. Yet all in amongst all these autumnal changes they are something in which we all need which is good old or new coat throughout our every day to day errand. On the other hand sometimes since our closets have been through many different seasonal occasions we simply ask ourselves (well I know I do sometimes) why have I bought that? I’ve grown out of that coat who, what, where shall I give it too?

Surprise, Surprise that’s where I’m heading to the answer now Ladies and Gentlemen regarding the last question I raised. I spotted this charitable organisation through one of my favourite unique department store Liberty London. Since Liberty was taking part in Hands on London’s good cause project called ‘Wrap Up London’. I’ve been ever eager to see what the project Hands On London is running this autumn so through contacting them I’ve learnt a little more and well here it goes….

Hands On London was founded by Elizabeth Grier. The main focus of Hands On London is to make it easier for Londoners to give some time back to their community through volunteering. As I was in contact with a member of the team they recalled in “finding, it can often be pretty difficult to fit in regular voluntary work with a full time job, so Hands On London acts as an intermediary between people who want to volunteer (either regularly or on a one off basis) and small charities and volunteer organisations in London who really need a helping hand but perhaps don’t have the budget or reach to connect with volunteers.”

Now the volunteering organisation has launched its project ‘Wrap Up London’ which was launched back in 2011 yet within the first year of the project they collected just over 2,800 coats whereas, for 2012 the number  doubled more with collecting  8,500 coats and these were distributed to 68 different charities in London. For 2013 their target is even more ambitious – they will be based in 11 tube stations and want to collect over 10,000 coats which will be distributed to over 100 small charities. On Hands London will also be providing coats for Crisis at Christmas for the second year running – so all the guests receive a warm winter coat at the end of their stay.

After having a bit more understanding about the project ‘Wrap Up London it’s clear to see why and how they collect so many coats for the project. One of the Foundering members of the project had this to say on the matter of the success so far: “I’ve been on the committee every year since the campaign was set up in 2011 and have had the privilege to be involved with every aspect of its establishment. Wrap Up London gives us all the opportunity to do a good deed for the winter by clearing out our cupboards and donating our old winter coats to a really worthwhile cause. We collect coats in a number of tube stations on the morning commute over three days in November and then the coats (after sorting and organisation by an army of volunteers!) are donated to shelters for the homeless, centres for the elderly, youth groups, community centres and women and children’s refuges across London. We also have a number of companies with offices based in London who run collections for Wrap Up London themselves – including Liberty – which is how I think you said you heard about us in the first place? Wrap Up London is the first ever city wide coat collection campaign, we’re building on our success every year and hopefully one day we’ll be an autumn tradition! (Like buying a new coat perhaps…)

Together let’s sought out our closets and the coat cupboard and give a little helping hand this November by donating the old coats to Hands On London ‘WrapUpLondon’ project.

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