The Charli Cohen Effect: Technical Sportswear Gets LUXE & Find out how you can get involved!

by - Monday, November 04, 2013

*Project has now finished* - See my thank you post here to all readers who have got involved.

Charli Cohen has featured on the blog during earlier this year regarding, the ‘Wellbeing back on track post’ (see here) yet this time here feature is not about her giving advice on exercise to add to your healthy lifestyle. Cohen is featuring on the note of what I aim to do through the blog which is to highlight up and coming talent through any shape or form I can.

Cohen is young British designer whose collection of LUXE sportswear which never compromises fashion or high performance expect perform both through the pieces of garments which make up her brand. Cohen is looking to expand her ever growing business from her online shopping platform (which you can click here) into a pop up shop located in Central London which will allow her to take the Charli Cohen debut collection to market. “I want to offer customers a fun and personal shopping experience and to have the valuable physical platform to showcase my collection to press, buyers and investors.”

Yet Cohen cannot create this business venture alone she would like your support! Cohen needs investors to make her pop up shop come to life. At the moment Cohen has set up ‘The CC Effect Kickstarter’ on which allows brands on creative aspect to raise funds towards their projects. (See more about Kickstarter here).  The CC Effect Kickstarter allows you to pledge regarding certain amounts which in total back Cohen’s project she wants to launch for her up and coming brand. Through giving different amounts of pledges which range from £2-£5,000 you will get something back from a copy of her ‘Healthy Holiday’ recipe book to being to collaborate with the designer herself to create your own three piece workout look. (Hint the large the pledge the better gift you will get in return).

If you want get involved with ‘The CC Effect Kickstarter’ project you can find more information here about the designer and about what your pledge is going towards. It will be appreciated whatever you may pledge towards Cohen’s project.   

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