Here comes Autumn/Winter 2014 trends... Are you ready?

by - Monday, July 28, 2014

Au revoir couture collections even though it’s been a gorgeous sunbathing introduction to the summer months here in the UK (I hope it’s here to stay).

July and August months are the period where within, your shopping calendar you need to be sourcing magazines (particular the August issues for the trend supplements). Calling stores and securing your favourite and must have pieces before they hit the shops or, there might be a long waiting list for a particular garment or accessory you want to your hands on for the new season.

 August starts on Friday (goodness men, there I have J counting down the weeks of my vacation I have got left ahead of college in September). This is month is when new season of the autumn and winter collections hit stores.  Make sure you find that list you made in February when these clothes and accessories were on the runway or last month (July) so, that you are prepared when the autumn and winter collections hit stores and online.

One thing you also need to do is to double check to see if any shoes need resoling or sift through your closet to see if anything needs an upgrade.” That coat has seen better days” moments come to mind. Overall this period is crucial to use of seeing where your closet needs a revamp and where the new season collections/ trends can be added to it that face lift.

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