EPQ My New Project: Menswear Mystery

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I know that I haven’t been strong on the fashion front lately with fashion month etc.

Behind the shows and the fashion frenzy September brings I have been busy building my final year at college, developing my retail portfolio to university open days. For those readers who have been reading the blog since its launch you would know that myself has been a goal of being within, being in luxury fashion and retail whilst continuing m y blog as a part time creative innovation on the side.
Well for my last year of A levels I've carried on my business, sciences, and maths whilst keeping my role as a student ambassador and now also a mentor yet having more than enough UCAS points I need for the degree for Business Management I've also added an EPQ (See more about the qualification here) to go alongside of my business and retail portfolio I've developing.

For my topic after looking into what areas I've already worked with for courses, on my blog, and on public relations and retail movements as well as discussing the topic with my right hand man to closet friends and industry contacts I've chosen to take up ‘Menswear’.
At one point a friend was convinced I was going to launch this project on a design innovation focus (hint to my textile to sketching capabilities, if you've been lucky to see the big folder.)

This menswear project titled for now: Menswear Mystery is regarding, looking into menswear on a retail and consumer focus. Basically myself personally from a womenswear only blogger and shopper (unless I shop with the men in my life) point of view it’s come across as a mystery.
To add to the mystery recently there has been a menswear month from the four fashion capitals compared to the setting of the typical showroom for a press day preview.  Only today I discovered Chanel’s menswear collection in the GQ achieves dated back in 2004.  What does that tell you?

Commercially it’s a secret too!

Flashing light bulbs on your television screen with Chanel’s latest star at his press conference for the Bleu de Chanel aftershave commercial you’ll be lucky to catch it. Unless you buy or download men’s magazines such as GQ to Vogue Hommes International either Bi-annual to quarterly publishing date. It’s commercially rare to find more about the products of aftershave to clothing.

On a retail level since, starting my investigation (which is lasting a year. It will be published as written and digital portfolio). Gents I feel apologetic for you on the retail physical product of shopping instore. You have to climb, escalate, or elevate to get to your department.
Few out of the past couple of months I have been shopping with my right hand man. I've got to say I hated the experience you've got to deal with. ‘ Fabulously British’ they may say as a brand mission statement for the quality of the clothing,  my local Jack Wills store menswear department turned out to be just a couple of shelves whilst, womenswear retail space was three entire floors. One luxury department store menswear department turned out to be cupboard with a selection of shoes. Whereas again Ladieswear took up more retail space.

Yet in return some stores I've visited under the famous selection of department stores such as House of Fraser, Selfridges, to John Lewis allows the menswear department to have an equally floor worthy retail space with variety of clothing to accessories. Again this depends the size of store or you could easily go to just a menswear shop – which is rare to see. If you are lucky gents you’ll be able to have a successful shopping spree.
Yet E-commence for high street to designer is a lot more major for you gentlemen I see due to the lot more wider choice and ranges to click on to. Is that down to your preferred way of shopping? (I’ll find out as I look into consumer behavior).

In the meantime as an extension I will be involving menswear experts from the design room, shop floor, stylists,(If you want to get involved click here to contact me)  and of course your own opinions through quiz’s to polls to allow myself to get a bigger picture of this mystery you call menswear. 

Hope you enjoy joining my journey on my project.

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