Dress for the Holidays Without Looking Like a Christmas Tree

by - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It’s time again for holiday parties, and you’re already wondering what you should wear. That maroon suit is festive, but you wore it last year to the office party. Your Aunt Alice knitted you a green sweater with a giant reindeer head on the front, 
but you should probably find something more figure-flattering for a night out with friends.

While you want to wear festive colors to a holiday party, you also want to dress with style and confidence. Take a fresh look at your wardrobe to find festive combinations that don’t resemble a Christmas tree.

Wear Red and Green

It’s okay to wear these seasonal colors—but not together in the same outfit. Choose either red or green, and wear the chosen color sparingly. Remember the maroon suit you wore last year? Pair the jacket with gray slacks and a cream blouse or pair the pants with a white shirt and black jacket. You have a new look that’s stylish and festive, and no one will remember that you wore the same suit last year.

The red dress hanging in the back of your closet will look great with black pumps and a metallic jacket. Wear your little black dress with red pumps and carry a red handbag. These examples can jumpstart your creativity as you wear festive colors without overdoing it.

Avoid Ugly Sweaters

Your Aunt Alice knitted that green reindeer sweater with love, but be kind to yourself and let it hang in your closet beside your jeans. Holiday parties are an opportunity to dress to impress, especially if you’ll be meeting your brother’s new girlfriend or interacting with your boss.

“But the sweater and jeans are comfortable,” you argue. If your ultimate goal is comfort, ditch the heels and wear flats, throw on a dress and leggings or choose a well-fitting suit. You can still dress nicely in comfortable clothes that look stylish rather than frumpy.

Add Holiday Accessories

Sparkle and shine are part of the holiday. Add bling to any outfit by choosing fun seasonal accessories. For example, a pair of snowflake earrings sparkles in any light. If you plan to wear your hair in a ponytail, wrap it in a sparkly elastic band. Pile on a ton of metallic bangles for extra sparkle. Just make sure to give yourself a once-over before you head to the party; you might consider following Coco Chanel's classic advice to always remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house.

When you choose an outfit for holiday parties, stay festive while dressing with confidence and style. That combination helps you look and feel your best. You’ll have fun mingling with others and celebrating the holiday, and you won’t be mistaken for a Christmas tree. As you mingle at the party, remember that other famous Coco Chanel quote: "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." If you follow the above tips, you will accomplish both of those with ease.

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