Every Little Hat Helps, Masato Homeless Beanie Hat Collection.

by - Thursday, October 22, 2015

The temperature here in the UK is quickly dropping in temperature. All you need is the perfect winter accessories e.g. the hat, gloves, scarf, and the coat to wrap up and finish off your look before heading out of the door.

Well London label Masato is giving you the chance this winter to not only pursue in buying that perfect warming gift but also giving a helping hand to raise funds for the homeless this year. In partnership with Wallich in CARDIFF, Doorway Project in CHIPPENHAM & NORTH WILTSHIRE, Porchlight in KENT, YORK ROAD PROJECT in Woking, Streets Kitchen for all the small organizations Nationwide distributor and Julian House in BATH.

As a brand it has respectfully designed a range of beanie hats the traditional beanie hat material for this time of year whilst, coming in various colors such as fuchsia pink, grey, orange, burgundy, green, and finally the classic black beanie yet anyone can wear a Beanie hat. Masato's campaign started 10th October (which was World Homeless Day) and will continue to run until 31st January 2016 so you have got plenty of time to do your bit in time for Christmas because, each cute Beanie Hat you buy Masato will donate to charity. 

If you don't think you suit beanies tell Masato by getting in touch here to address your ideas to add to the project. It’s simple as that to get involved in Masato’s latest charitable collaboration. Every little helps.

Behalf of Masato and partners thank you. 

Share your Beanie pictures by Tweeting : @masatostudio and @beanies_masato

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