Music Monday Part 1: The Vaccines

by - Monday, March 30, 2015

I thought today’s music Monday post was very appropriate ahead of the second part to his post which is the live part of going to seeing the band this week at Manchester Albert Hall. Of course if you've read the other post’s in this series (click here to see my picks) you would know that a certain good man in my life has influenced into introducing me into Artists which, I’m thankful for as my music tastes becoming more interesting.

Well today’s music Monday pick is one from The Vaccines 2011 album ‘What did you expect from The Vaccines’. The Vaccines fits nicely with the other bands which I've got a love of playing which is the Artic  Monkeys to the band which I’ve not come across which is The Strokes. Overall they make very good rock music. Watch out for the second part of this post featuring the gossip of new songs…. If you can’t wait for new songs and the post click on iTunes which have ‘Handsome’ available to purchase from their new album for this year ‘English Graffiti’. 

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