A Point of View: Fashion's new investment, Animal Welfare

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Whether its fur, animal skins, leather to even the cosiest of cashmere jumpers which will be hitting the shop floors now or soon to kick off the new season. Have you ever thought of the process of production which goes into making that garment?

Hold that thought because you wouldn’t really want to question it?

Well its time for a new investment and move in the world of fashion because some of the top fashion houses are investing in animal welfare. This investment over past few weeks have been enforced from actress Jane Birkin requesting Parisian fashion house Hermes to remove her name from the houses most famous bag ‘Hermes Birkin’. In other movements regards to this subject fashion designer Stella McCartney only this week told British Vogue: 
“ As a designer who built a brand on not using leather, fur or animal skins in its designs, I can’t tolerate it! McCartney continued adding: “I am devastated by the news but more determined than ever to fight for animal’s rights in fashion together and monitor even more closely all suppliers involved in this industry to end all innocent lives”.

This urge of the fashion industry to sit up and listen regards to investing in animal welfare comes after PETA investigations and campaigns into, farming methods linked to the production of certain products whether high street or high end design teams.
Personally I wouldn’t want to be seen wearing fur, animal skin or a real leather jacket because it’s just not my idea of wearing that item. That again is a debate within itself.
Overall like McCartney whom doesn’t use leather, fur or animal skins in her designs I would personally from, a fashion conscious young adult I would like to see design teams make a transition into using alternative techniques and materials for their products. Also in hand also making that investment into animal welfare when sourcing farms as part of a products production. The reason why I say that last sentence is because fashion will never stop using fur, animal skin, or real leather in products or garments.

Yet does a product have to question the welfare of animal just to be made?

If designers invest in protecting animal welfare and work with the PETA than allowing that question above to be raised. It wouldn’t need to be asked would it? Just because luxury is within fur, animal skins and leather does not mean that animal welfare needs to be sacrificed does it really?

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