Happy New Year! British Vogue February Issue: Dakota Johnson

by - Thursday, January 07, 2016

Happy New Year! Well its officially 2016 after being away due to the festive period as well as, having a New Year’s three-day city break in Edinburgh with my other half. Its back to normal and writing from today.

I am starting off with a certain issue of British Vogue this afternoon which features Dakota Johnson. This is the magazines second issue of the year which transitionally takes you into the new season which is the spring/summer 2016 collections. British Vogue’s February issue informs and highlights what additions and changes you need to make right now in your closet as the new collections drop into stores. Yet there’s just one question Sarah Harris would like to ask: Do you dress for you or for your other half? Harris explores the psychology behind getting dressed. Throughout the magazine Harris and Julia Hobbs helps you decode the new season trends ahead of the transitional changes. The new season is also featured in a captivating shoot by Lucinda Chambers and Francesca Burns. Which captures the best ways to work the new season clothes.

The issue features interviews from Dakota Johnson as her career takes a meteoric rise as well Zawe Ashton (who is famous for her role in Fresh Meat). The February issue also looks into the culture agenda of the month along with giving a preview into Annie Leibowitz’s new London exhibition, Women: New Portraits. As it is the second issue of British Vogue’s centenary year, Robin Muir describes how he unearthed the magazines greatest treasures from its 100-year history. Which treasures are too being shown at the National Portrait Gallery exhibition, Vogue 100: A Century of Style which is too be open soon. The issue also gives you access too the world of A$AP Rocky.

Over in the issues beauty and health feature Vogue explores why Bitterness is the new flavor of the moment? Which creates an amount of interest too also exploring the new colour of the season which is plum. As well as giving you the perfect guide of how too detox your skin.

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