EJM Beauty: Refresh your inner self this Summer Part 1 with PLENISH

by - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Being healthy and looking after myself has always been a priority to myself throughout my life. It makes life feel lifted right? When I say that I always have the priority about my health I’m not saying I go to the gym seven days a week or eat a strict diet. It’s the opposite actually of just walking everywhere, drinking earl grey tea and water, getting involved in sports I love, maybe the gym? And just eating anything I fancy. That not a lie either.

During this time of the year I always see this time to get motivated into finding that lifted summer ready me ahead of the summer holiday. To help I’ve asked some of my ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ to provide you some tips for getting that refreshed you just in time for that summer vacation.

I summed up you fancied a re-start of your body right? This is where the lovely team at PLENISH can re-start you ahead of you finding that lifestyle you want to lead. 

After going into an investigation of what to do ahead of the start of refreshing your wellbeing, you should detox from your normal diet which contains alcohol, coffee, meat and dairy.  Whilst introducing more fruit and vegetables and water…  
Plenish sums it up “in three words: preparation, preparation preparation!”

Speaking of Plenish it’s the one way to go! PLENISH is your green light to go ahead of refreshing your wellbeing because, it is your only step one which will help refresh and press reset to your wellbeing amongst giving your digestive system a rest.  Just for you I’ve been in touch with PLENISH with questions to help you kick start amongst finding out their advice on doing a juice cleanse. 

 1. What advice would you give to someone who is starting out a juicing cleansing programme? 
Look at your juice cleanse as a reset button on your health. Whether you've been overindulging in sweets or a bit too much booze, or you're already pretty healthy but feel like you need a 'tune-up' or boost your immunity, use the cleanse as an opportunity to create a clean slate in your body. When the cleanse is over, we hope we've helped motivate you to cut back on processed foods, dairy and other allergenic foods and turn up the volume of leafy green and fresh organic veggies in your daily diet. 

2. As a part of Plenish juices what type of programme would you recommend for someone who is refreshing their wellbeing? 

If you are new to cleansing, we always recommend starting with a 3-day Harmony Cleanse. If you have done one of our cleanses before (or another type of cleanse), we'd suggest you push yourself to try Level 2: Clarity or Level 3: Purity cleanses. The only difference in the levels of cleanses is how many green juices vs. fruit juices you get throughout the day. On Level 3: Purity Cleanse, you'd be drinking 4 green juices plus our Spicy Limonade and our Cashew M*lk.

 3. What are the benefits of doing a juicing cleanse and how can Plenish help keep them on track? 

The main benefit of a juice cleanse is how fantastic you feel when it's complete. The cleanse will help clean out waste build up from your digestive system while flooding your system with easy to assimilate hyper nutrition from kilos and kilos of organic vegetables and fruits. To illustrate how much produce you're getting, our Mind Body Green juice has over 6lbs of organic leafy greens pressed into one 500ml bottle (and you're drinking six of those size juices each day). The juices are extremely alkalizing, help to beat bloating, detox your cells and can boost your immunity and overall health. Considering that over 80% of the mood enhancing hormone, serotonin is created in the gut, a cleanse can help boost your mood too! A happy, healthy gut is a recipe for a positive state of mind and soaring immunity!

Every part of motivation counts as you move onto step 2 as you continue to refresh your wellbeing… Which is slowly introducing food slowly back into your ways however, yet still keeping you on that balanced wellbeing way. So that step 1 was not all waste. PLENISH has a great way of helping you start your way!

Finally after doing the juicing programme. How can someone re-introduce food back into their diet to maintain their wellbeing?  

Gently and thoughtfully!  On the days after you’re cleanse, our clients are guided into slowly introduce food groups back into their diet.

You will have a clean slate, and most clients say they can 'ride the wave' of feeling healthy to keep up their new habits.

Begin day one with only the ingredients in your juices (fruits, veggies and plant-foods), after that, we'll slowly reintroduce whole grains, followed by fish and if it's in your diet, animal proteins and (our least favourite) dairy. Take notice if you re-introduce allergenic foods like dairy and wheat back into your diet and be mindful of how you feel (are you bloated, is your newly cleansed skin having eruptions) and how you look. It may motivate you to eliminate them or eat only for special occasions. Keeping a cold pressed juice in your daily diet is a great way to keep your nutrient levels high, an alkaline pH, controlled sugar cravings and on the straight and narrow path!

 You can keep update on what other programmes PLENISH offer and about their products and learn much more about how to reset your wellbeing on their website. 

You are not on your own if you decide to refresh your wellbeing simply tweet @PlenishCleanse or like on facebook!

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