Its one style fix of an interview

by - Sunday, September 25, 2011

This month before all the fashion weeks started. I started off the fashion month with being interviewed, by Allysha Johnson. Allysha is a blogger  for It's A Style Fix, Student and Future Designer/Fashion Writer.

The interview was about fashion, style, editors and all the latest on fashion week and designers...Plus it was her first interview with me. Allysha it was excellent! Even I don't like interviewing people. **TIP: However you get the hand of it, it becoming second nature to you. Practice makes perfection.

I really enjoyed it because she understands me really well and we tweet all the time to eachother so it's not if, she does not know nothing about me. Allysha is a great blogger and quite trendy too. I just love it! How she blogs about the trends for the season or shows etc. She is fabulous person to know. I also like way she is not afraid to tweet questions  if she needs help getting something done. **To let you know I'm here to help you on any fashion level possible, this goes to my readers & tweeters**

Here is the interview:

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