A Lady of everything even comes with a Cherry on Top!

by - Thursday, October 13, 2011

I would like to introduce someone who is everything and even comes with a cherry on top!  I present to you one of my fabulous followers and fashionista Sabrina Gaffney.
Sabrina is everything you can think of with a list including psychologist, fashion writer, fashion buyer, model, photographer, and finally a veterinary assistant.
She is one very busy lady, just like me. Sabrina presents everything you can need of a person she very hard working, and she just leaves me speechless because she is just so fabulous! (Its not very often I’m left speechless)

At the moment Sabrina has been working on her fashion journalism working for Fashion ie which is Ireland’s leading fashion website. Sabrina’s articles feature:
The hot looks for your winter warobe, the trend of prints for autumn and winter 2011 and along with a very sensible question us fashionista’s face in these tough times with encomy. Do tough times mean empty warobes?
The articles are just everything you need to read about the update world of fashion, covering the encomy times of a warobe, the latest trends for the season etc. They are the pages of a fashionista needs to know.

The website gets update daily with different reviews of situations or events of fashion. Best place to go if you cannot wait until your monthly Vogue, Elle, and Harper Bazaar comes out. It’s up to date and something you can relate to who ever you. That’s what most people like the fact, you can relate to the article or post you are reading and that’s something which comes a skill of how fabulous a journalist writes. That’s why I like reading Sabrina’s articles, because you can relate to them and leaves you something to think about.

I invite you to look at Sabrina’s work and hope you enjoy reading her articles! Also you can follow her on Twitter @sabrina_gaffney

Sabrina's New Articles

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