A Snapshot Flash Back: Professional Photography

by - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I remember when I got all excited when I first started out the EJMfashion brand through my designs of seasons from Spring/Summer 2009- Autumn/Winter 2012, then in-between that I went down  a bloggers route which ended up to where I’m today.  How I worked for every contact… (Keep your contacts close to you!)

Since the blog is approaching its 5th birthday.  I’m picking out my dearest profiles of people you need to add to your projects and team. Starting off on that note I’m introducing to you my dear photographer friend Charles Davis.  Charles has been a photographer all his life, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who ensured he had a camera in his hands at a very early age. He continues this to show together the love of beautiful exciting combination of a 21st century photographer.

Charles work uses a variety of photographic styles to tell a story, whilst reflecting his uniqueness along with a deep insight of beauty and style. Whilst portraying elements of the classical, his work retains relevance to 21st century. He offers all photography services from: weddings, people, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, events, auto movie, and commercial.

Charles has developed throughout his projects over the years from snapping singers with pianos, catwalks shows at Birmingham Fashion Week, weddings amongst other special events, to editorial. It’s no wonder myself fell into the of love photography. “An image speaks a thousand words”. Charles actually inspired me to take a break from sketching out designs to making a more digital approach to EJMfashion through the combination, of pictures verse texts of fashion to lifestyle due to the fact I love snapping images amongst writing.

He is a man of great talent which should be expressed regarding, any type of camera work throughout the year of events or shoots. It’s your chance to get hold of Charles magic within his snapshot for your projects, that which leaves me to say welcome to the world of ‘ Professional Photography  Ladies and Gentlemen’.


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