Guest Blog post: Interview with Fashion Designer Sinead Herlihy

by - Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Afternoon readers,
Earlier on today  for a special post for today’s post on the blog. I had a very delightful interview with upcoming fashion designer Sinead O’Herlihy. Interviewing her on her career and her collection; this features the most beautiful prints. Which are perfect for this season’s Spring/Summer closets, along featuring some tips and advice about being a designer.

Welcome,  What inspired you to set up the label Herlihy?

I am in my final year of university studying fashion and have been applying for graduate jobs recently; with the economy as it is its very difficult to get any interviews, and whilst I am still applying for jobs, in the meantime I have set up my own label, with the hope of gaining some press attention and a good following. I am very driven and would love to own a successful business, so this just may be it.
I have been looking at your website about the label.

The prints are beautiful, what was the inspiration of the themes for Herlihy collections?

Thank you. I initially started researching India and the beautiful architecture there. On a research trip to Paris I noticed many of the Gothic buildings such as the Notre Dame were similar to some of the architecture in India, and so I started to explore the connection between India and France, looking specifically at French Colonies in India. From the start it was important for me to incorporate prints into the collection as it is such a current trend, for example Holly Fulton and Mary Karantzou's beautiful graphic prints. I decided to create kaleidoscope patterns, to fuse together the French and Indian cultures, and was very surprised and happy with the outcome.

How did and when was Herlihy set up?

Herlihy is a very young brand, having only been set up in late 2011. Although designing has never been a dream of mine, managing and running a business has, and so I incorporated my design skills, and played on my strengths within the promotion of a brand, for example the execution of a photo shoot, marketing and so on.

What is your past experience?

I studied Textiles in school and this is where I developed my love for the fashion industry. I then went on to study a Foundation in Art and Design, and a BA(Hons) Fashion at Leeds College of Art. I will be graduating in June 2university, such as a PR placement at Propaganda, to work experience at More! Magazine, and currently at a PR and fashion events company based in Manchester.
012. I have also undertaken several placement whilst at 

This is for the upcoming designers and fashion students. To become a designer which five advice tips you would recommend?

I am not a seasoned designer, however I would say that it is important to take chances and go for it if that is what you want, and of course experience is very important, try to get as many placements as possible.

Finally what is the label hoping to archive in the future?

I am very honored to be showing the next collection at Manchester Fashion Week, alongside some incredible well known designers. Hopefully this will act as a platform to promoting my brand, and hopefully will be an opportunity to network and find an investor. With investment I will be able to produce the lines on larger scale and hopefully sell to some boutiques.

Thank you very much for interviewing me,

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