Paper london's Spring and Summer 2012 Collection

by - Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recently I came across a London designer label called paper, whilst exploring about the label and its very bold statements of collections. I thought it would be nice to invite you to explore the world of Paper.
Paper’s objective for its womenswear collections is to create a strong, confident warobe for women. The inspiration of the spring and summer 2012 is based on 1950’s Miami, in particular, the modernist architecture, the glamour lifestyle, and the French sherbet colours associated with that decade.

 Whilst I was reviewing the spring and summer 2012 collection there is that fabulous feel of colour blocking and the use of constructed of shaping through the use of the black thin and thick lines, which created a graphic contrast of panelling which you can see though the dressers.

 The inspiration of the glamour’s lifestyle comes into play especially, with the Deco coat in citrine (I have fallen in love with!) It’s the way the garment portrays this feel of glamour with little details of an open front, cuff turn up, jep pockets.

   French sherbet colours come through adding a hint of sweetness to the spring warobe of the Paper women. This hint of sweetness is played through the beautiful knitwear; this is perfect way to keep warm and keep it chic and summery at the same time with the helping of the softness of the colour palette.


 Prints stood out a mile away without even searching for them.

Paper’s prints are inspired by palm leaves, coconuts and abstract cocktails which add a playful element to the collection, again, reflecting the ethos of that era. These bold beauties of dressers come made in the luxuries of 100% silk. The limited edition shirt dress comes with the details of palm leave prints and cocktail prints which gives this garment a more 1950’s era character. These prints come in a colour palette of sherbet colours which work really well with the prints. It brings a more refresh and softness of boldness into the spring collection.

Overall the spring and summer collection for this season is perfect for any women’s  warobe because it adds all the staples a women needs, along with providing the right amount of colour combinations and character which refreshers the density of which comes with the autumn and winter warobe.

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