Guest Post: LA fashion designer Edita Bandaryan

by - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Afternoon readers, for today’s guest feature is one of my latest designer discoveries. You may be wondering well don’t I come across designers all the time? Yes I do however I love to explore the new talent/ undiscovered designers, which are developing in the industry. I thought today it would very appropriate to invite you into the world of the Edita Collection…

 The Edita Collection is foundered by Los Angeles designer, Edita Bandaryan. Bandaryan as growing up through her childhood she became in love with the sketching and designing for her dolls, which led her to discovering her love for fashion and art.  She often spent her days going through her grandmother’s fabric collections and using them for her own creations.

 “I remember taking the bus to downtown Los Angeles with my grandmother so that we could buy fabric and trim. We would spend hours in the fashion district picking fabric to add to our collection” Bandaryan recalls

It was then, at the age of 8 she wanted to become a fashion designer.

Last year Bandaryan transformed all of her ideas into sketches and the edita.collection was born. With her first collection underway, Bandaryan  partnered with Vahe Ovasapyan, President of edita.collection and did her first collection show featuirng at Los Angeles fashion week.
Since then Bandaryan has developed her collection with her 2012 autumn and winter collection. The Edita collection represents modern sophistication and elegance.

  Bandaryan believes in comfort and style.

For her autum and winter collection the collection features ready to wear dressers which blends between silk and knits.  The autumn and winter collection supports Bandaryn’s combined elements of fashion with the classic pieces creating diversity within the line, which features through the shaping of these luxury morden dressers.  
Which are a great way to add colour within your closet and outfit.

As you look into the depth of the colour palette it features the classicness of blues, purples, and grey’s. These dressers define the shaping of  the Edita women in all the right places which is done by the corsettory and the little detials.

  The collection has been worn by actress’s, host’s, and philanthropist. From Kennedy Zimmet, as well as Eurovision host and model, Leila Ismailova. The Edita collection has also had a spot in the limelight with the press featuring Allezom International Magazine, La Prensa de Los Angeles, CA Appral News, and a handful of fashion blogs.

When I asked Bandaryan to be a feature this is which she had this to say:
“Thanks for the opportunity to feature my collection on your blog. I am very excited about that and am honoured to be part of it.”
Bandaryan is now another step closer to becoming the successful Fashion Designer that she dreamed of becoming as a young girl. I wish her good luck within her future as she and the brand grows. I’ll keep you posted on any of her excting events.

See the collection feature in Project Ethos at  LA Fashion Week 2012

 You can explore more of the Edita Collection by visiting:
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