The Community Comes Together for Diamond Jubilee Street Party

by - Saturday, June 02, 2012

Today has been a very moving experience of community commit to celebrate this historical marking with Her Majesty’s reign. From half eleven this morning I was out of the door... On the way to experience the most committed community event I have seen within my community. I was in my local town to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.   The street was covered in stalls featuring local produce of cakes which many of the residents of the community have baked and brought in. Along with gift stalls selling some of the quirkiest things to adding an item to a home beauty kit, with the bath toiletries to mugs.

There was also stalls selling the local restaurant foods such as an Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine, to the traditional English afternoon tea with Early grey or Twinnings and homemade scones with jam and clotted cream, thanks to our local towns bakery Hartley’s and two more, along with the traditional summer barque thanks to the local butchers who sold hotdogs and burgers.

  As you walked through the busy street there were tables set out in long rowing with some delicious yummy treats featuring the seating of a generation of people from the elderly to families…
Turning to our right to enter another street there were a holding of such classic collection of British cars, featuring a GM Rover to Austin Six.
Whilst looking at the cars the most perfect street style outfit to pay tribute to this wonderful celebration came my way.. I could not help without taking a picture!

Following the street style moment there was live entertainment by a rock and roll band.
To be honest the music was more like a Grease version of rock and roll, with a yummy spotting
by one of my dear friends  we joined a queue for handmade/ homemade candy floss.
Sorry but we could not resist!

As you enhanced the Jubilee experience yourself through the crowds you could admire the windows amongst the shops. I must say there was such a determination of how the window was displayed.
As we walked passed Blakely’s coffee shop Overgate hospice had all the Queen’s Jubilee plates all lined up in rows, as we walked further there was another shop window where they used the clothing quite carefully with the dressing of mannequins in the clothing and accessories of red, blue, and white.

They all looked very well displayed to pay tribute to this historic event.
I treated myself in Prego’s Café Bar with one of their baguettes…
To ending the day with putting up my feet with a delight afternoon treat and earl grey tea with addition of Elle July Issue featuring a solo cover and interview with sporting legend, David Beckham…

 Hope you all have enjoyed your Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

* All images are by EJMfashion and have all been taken by my camera via iphone. Images feature my blog's url for photo credit.

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