Dior Homme Menswear Spring and Summer 2013

by - Saturday, June 30, 2012

Afternoon shows started with the Dior Homme menswear, which was very sleek and stylishly well done.  The collection opened up in a navy hue of suiting following single and double breasted jackets, finished off with sleekness of trousers and brogues.

  Dior’s fast paced Germanic procession of ultra fine tailoring, with bomber jackets, and trenches in a grey and navy with accents of redness continued. Featuring double breasted waistcoats finished with a panelling of buttons.

  Stripes were out across the runway as they broke up the sea of navy.

Breaking up the colour palette of navy on the blazers and trousers by the way the dark colour shades of navy blue turned to the shoulders, running down the mid section of the blazers and long coats. Whilst finishing off with shading off with the dark shading of the pockets and all the way down to the hem. Light navy shades we contrasted along with the arms and along with panelling down the top of the blazers.

  Sweaters were mixed in at the end of the catwalk featuring with the same colour palettes of the as of the garments before hand. However, within the last section of the collection oranges became shirts and acted as an under layering underneath the blazers.

Dior Homme’s spring and summer 2013 collection was sleek and very masculine within the smart and the directness of tailoring.

 'Above all, having style means having your own style...', Christian Dior.

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