A Dog Sitting Day with Bobbi

by - Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Over the weekend if you were reading my tweets, along with looking thorugh my photo diary on instagram you would have noticed I was having a dog sitting Saturday…
  Since I was staying over at my grandmother and grandfather’s house, it was time to have dog sitting day.. Ahead of me was this quite looking puppied  dog who sat, gave paw and walked up and down to get my attention as I sat on the couch with the laptop blogging about The Wonder Room.

However since the weekend was Burberry weather it was a hit and miss of taking him for a walk… So the day was a mixture of sitting with a film and the entermainment of family members.

  At least mid afternoon we managed to get the chance to take him for a walk. My umbrella and trench was at the ready...

We took Bobbi along of the canal banking where  people of all generes of ages and genders were stopping to speak and see Bobbi. ( Its really amazing what a cute looking dog can do.)


We walked off Bobbi’s legs and it was a quiet afternoon with a film and a part of Burberry weather. He was sat in his chair snoosing away doggy dreams….

   I love dog sitting; espcially on a Burberry weather of a day you have company.

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