Travel Edit 4: Carouselling into the past & into the sunshine…

by - Sunday, July 22, 2012

Evening readers on this very sociable sunny Sunday,

  For me and fashionista’s it’s been a start of the summer vacation, ahead of fashion month of spring and summer 2013...

  Starting the vacation yesterday I headed back in time to the Victorian times to Beamish. (If you have been to Beamish before you’ll know that it’s quite old fashioned however, it brought back some fashion moments for myself.)  

An early rise caught myself having to be out of the door by 8am, to head to the travelling accommodations to get there.  

Dressed suitable attired ahead of the sunshine, whilst a Sociable Sunny Saturday was on the agenda. Whilst hidden in equation came an experience for myself, meeting an old friend’s niece (whom I have never met) who has come back to live in England from being living in New Mexico in America.  I was very interested about her living out the states... You could tell the difference through the conversations we engrossed throughout the day.

  Hopping onto a tram in the middle of a sunshine and green of a landscape, myself and N stepped back in time whilst being conversations... We landed ourselves within a little village filled with an old mine, miners houses, an old Victorian school which slate board along with old fashioned attire of classroom decoration and equipment. Even the teachers were dressed in morning suits and high waisted skirts finishing with a high collared blouses and a cane in the right hand….

  Following from that we headed into a chapel which had the most beautiful decoration of stain glass windows and a choir for entertainment.

  Beautifully timed we strolled through the blissful sunshine to ahead into the most wondrous of parks I have ever been to; a  little bandstand in the middle whilst a green section filled with people of all genres enjoying the sunshine. A delightful lunch with a trusty refreshing of lemonade amongst the landscape of old fashioned bricked houses and a cobble road featuring tram lines and people hustling and bustling.

  A yummy part for filled a time of the afternoon has we popped into shops for filled with the Victorian fashion, groceries with their products stacked up high on shelves selling for shelling or more. The sweetshop was the best part filled with all the old fashioned sweets stack in glass jars, all neatly lined up amongst the wooden shelves.

  A quarter of aniseed balls and wine gums came our way.

   Whilst heading out of the town we stopped at one Beamish village’s fair grounds which had a carousel which you could not help but say yes to the idea... Elegantly recreating the Louis Vuitton’s spring and summer 2012 collection (without getting off for a walk) we climbed a board.

  Finally we headed to the last stop ahead of the travel arrangements was one of Beamish’s farmhouses which I must say just recreated the whole Chanel Cruise 2013 collection due to the garden of the cottage, having the same layout as the but in a smaller version. Just in time before we headed back myself and N, grabbed a refreshing drink of Rose lemonade (Harvey Nichols & Selfridges, could you please stock it??) it was like heaven. We were both wishing to bring the whole collection of flavours of the drink back…

  Before knew it was time to ahead to our evening arrangements which took us to a beautiful location outside of Beamish which was Walworth Castle Hotel. My say I was very impressed by the entire service, right down to the food. We had an early Sunday roast in the Hotel’s courtyard which was blissful under the setting sun.

  Full to point of tiredness we set off back home with memorises within the sunset.

* EJMfashion was apart of group tour to Beamish and N was one of people amongst the group who my friends niece. We were a guest at the Walworth Castle Hotel.






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