Victoria Beckham launches at Thomas Brown

by - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This morning we was all waiting for a moment, which has been building up between the past weeks due to the rumours spreading around the social media platforms and the media..
The rumour was that fashion designer Victoria Beckham was set to launch her entire collection within the Dublin store Thomas Brown.
  However this morning the rumour was made true as Mrs. Beckham touch onto Dublin’s airport runway along with the a beauty touch up, from a makeup artist who did Mrs. Beckham’s make up whilst on your plane.
Black eyeliner at the ready and Mrs. Beckham was good to go...  She tweeted: “About to land in Dublin, see you soon! XVB”


Following the tweet she was soon as Thomas Browns amongst her fashion bunnies and spice girl fans in the crowd within, her welcome Mrs. Beckham signed autographs for her welcoming fans before heading into the store.
  Thomas Brown is the first stores in the world to buy the entire Victoria Beckham Collection, as a thank you Mrs. Beckham has come to the store to say thank you.
  Fifty of her customers and selected press are invited to a private event within the store, whilst having a preview of her autumn and winter collection. However, to me it’s more of an already seen it moment since some of the pieces are already in stock within our respectable department stores. On the other it’s the first time for people and her customers to see her collection.
  I would like to finish off this post with a quote which, I found a very good way to finish of any visit for any designer... “Her ready to wear mainline collection sells out completely after it arrives in the store and we are looking forward to another successful season.”

Spotted Victoria-beckham on way to somewhere

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