Travel Edit: All aboard to the beach..

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Friday I hit the beach with some of my dearest peers.
An early rise and sunshine caught upon under normal timings I have been awaking since, I have been on a vacation which means sleeping in late. However I was out of the door by 8am ready with comfy travelling outfit, along with accessories of travelling comfort.

   Our destination was Pickering which is where we were boarding the steam train at 11am. Upon boarding the train you take upon the characteristics the station ahead with having one two platforms, it had that past of when it was built in the 1900’s featuring benches, flowers pots, and the odd large old fashioned trunk.

Upon boarding the train was like being inside Louis Vuitton express, which was the main feature of their autumn and winter 2012 show which took our fashion crowd away the imagination and a fashion moment, as we had come to the end of the fashion month.  

   As continued we our journey to the beach we was surrounded by the beautiful countryside as we sat between an old fashioned seating, un like our normal everyday seating we have on our trains which added a   more luxury feel to the journey.

Halfway through the journey we stopped at another old fashioned country train station, to wait for our other stream train to come to the platform. Whilst waiting upon the train’s arrival we popped into a very old fashioned corporative to get a little sweet treat, with a number of classics upon shelves individual glass jars it was hard to make a decision. However in the end we came back with strawberries…

Amongst waiting we had a picnic on the platform sat at a picnic table lunching with sandwiches, yogurt, little treats...

It was time to on aboard the train to Whitby. Whilst by surrounded by the countryside it was hard not embrace, the character of the steam train we had boarded.  Finally after half an hour train ride through the country we had arrived, at Whitby.
 It was time to hit the beach and explore little tea rooms this little seaside town had to offer amongst strolling on the sand, as the sunshine at set down on the afternoon making it a blissful day break. Ahead of our

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