Bohemian Rhapsody: Four Ways to Embrace Your Inner Flower Child WhileStill Maintaining a Sophisticated Look

by - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The summer of love lives on with the modern trend of bohemian chic fashion, which takes a more sophisticated spin on the laid-back hippie styles of the 1960s. I know what you're thinking: "The hippie look? Eh, not my style." I thought so too at first, but some major fashion icons like Rachel Zoe have proven that you can capture a sexy bohemian style without looking like you haven't showered in a week. Bohemian pieces give your style a whole new dimension that can add more variation to your everyday wardrobe. Try starting with the following four fun pieces.

1. Maxi Dresses
If you're more of a mini gal, transitioning to the maxi can seem like a major change. But actually, many bohemian style maxi dresses are consistent with modern mini styles and can even be just as sexy when you choose the right piece. Once again, Rachel Zoe shows us how to rock this bohemian look the right way with by pairing a fun and colorful maxi dress with coordinating statement accessories. Cool oversized sunglasses and fringy handbags are great accessories to complement your bohemian maxi dress for a more personalized and dynamic look.

2. Feathers
You can't fully embrace the bohemian look without experimenting with some feathers to add an earthy accent to your appearance that's consistent with the natural tone of bohemian style. One of the trendiest ways to integrate feathers into your wardrobe right now is with feather earrings, which add a soft, colorful edge to your look. Feathers are also a great accessory to add to a basic handbag or even to a hair accessory for a better blend of textures.

3. Headwraps
Headwraps may be on the bolder side of the accessories scale, but this trend is surfacing all over the fashion world and is the perfect choice for adding more sophistication to the traditional bohemian look. Urban Outfitters has an awesome collection of both cloth and chain headwraps that allow you to add a subtle and unique accessory to virtually any outfit. Although you can use these headwraps to top off a bohemian-style outfit, you can choose to be a bit more subtle with this bold look by wearing a hippie headwrap with just an everyday outfit.

4. Flare and High-Waisted Jeans
In contrast with the recent skinny jean fad, flare jeans are a fun new way to add variety to your denim collection while embracing the bohemian look. Flare jeans are a great look with flowy floral print blouses and colorful button-ups to balance out this bohemian style. High-waisted jeans are also a universally flattering choice for accentuating your feminine form with your new retro style. Pair a high-waisted style with cute crop tops to further emphasize your curves and achieve that cute hippie girl look.
When in doubt, revisit popular fashion icons and notable hippie types from the 60s to get some ideas about how to incorporate more bohemian flavor into your wardrobe. The carefree, earthy nature of bohemian pieces also opens the door for several do-it-yourself opportunities, which can allow you to get in touch with your creative side and count on being the only one with your outfit. For those days when you just want to ditch the heels and show off your comfy cute side, a chic bohemian outfit in your closet will be just what you need.


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