Chik (Sheek) Fashion Magazine Ipad App Arrives....

by - Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I’ve been looking forward to blogging about this new launch in ages! Yes the excitement rush of waiting has finally arrived readers. I’m very happy to announce that Chik (Sheek) magazine curated by fashion bloggers and designer’s Ipad app is now available to purchase for free on ITunes.

This fabulous but unique magazine curated by fashion bloggers and designer allows you to explore gorgeous looks, whilst getting style advice and shopping the most coveted looks from fashionista’s all over the world.  Chik magazine app allows fashion bloggers such as myself to blog about our personal stories along with containing outfit posts without, the unbiased thoughts however with a piece of reality within our posts.  This allows you to explore the lives of many bloggers our world has to offer. (For a reader that’s a fabulous experience; even I’ve never discovered that until now)

You can access these posts through a very clean process of the beautiful layouts Chik magazine has to offer whilst zooming in from different angles. At the same time this fabulous platform created by Chik allows you to share your favourite discovers.  There is that extra interaction for you! Chik’s magazine app allows you to shop you’re must have favourite items and get them delivered straight to your door. Whilst clicking away until you stop you can share your latest discovers through the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Email. No sign ups just click and share your latest favourites of articles. It’s that simple.  (That’s what I love about the platform)

Chik’s website summed up this very well.  I could not agree more!
“Bloggers really appreciate when you recognise their hard work, and there is no better way to say ‘Thank you’ other than sharing.”  

Finally the magazine creates the perfect environment for brands to express their interaction with their readers along with, giving them the opportunities to showcase collections, sell products, and even run campaigns. If you are a brand looking for this type of platform please see here for more details.
Whilst offering interaction for brands Chik magazine also offers brands to advertise through their magazine however, there is a specific criteria regarding advertising in the magazine. The criteria states that the fashion brand designs or sell Womenswear.  See what Chik fashion and content team can offer you today.

You’ve read about and now it is the time to download it. You can purchase the app here.
It’s a match made in heaven for bloggers and brands!

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