Happy 40,000 readers.... Thank you my dear readers!

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dear readers,
Ever since I started blogging I knew that readership was the most important thing, to consider within blogging about the fashion life and a bit of my personal life. I’ve being looking forwarded to this milestone since we hit 20,000. I’ve enjoyed blogging to you with a mix match of posts.
About the typical side of my fashionable personality, which people such as my family members and my friends didn’t understand. Well after a good year they now understand about my love for fashion and blogging. Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts throughout the past year or so.
Since EJMfashion Blog has hit 40,000 readers.

In order of a celebration and a way to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!  I’ve decided to team up with luxury shopping destination ‘THEN AND NOW’ to give exclusive you readers discount on your favourite brands. The details and more information for this discount will be up shortly.
For now,
You’re sincerely,
Founder of EJMfashion

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