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by - Sunday, July 20, 2014

Labels and Clothing never go a miss do they? Accept your own belonging of course from your phone, bag, to shoes. They love to take a little walk out of your sight….I know that we all lose items we want at our sides from time to time. Due to our busy lifestyle’s we simply notice they go for a little wonder and come back maybe….

One of the most respectable bloggers in the fashion industry LibertyLondonGirl can go through her belongings of technology which run her business whilst, sum prefer to disappear from her fashionable lifestyle of tweeting and instagraming through London Fashion Week.
We can’t have it all can we?

This is where labels come in. I must say Name.it.co.uk can help you there.  Name.it.co.uk is the place to go for any occasion you need for a label from school wear, shoes, your own clothing, house hold items, and the works of our objects. Name.it.co.uk is a UK supplier of shoe name labels, iron on & sew in clothing name labels. Their products are developed to give you maximum quality, performance and durability at fantastic prices.

From 50 sewn, iron, waterproof, and combined packs they allow you to design your label through their design tool within a click of button and a few card details your away. Their price range for the packs mentioned come at the value of £5. (This is a bargain for you mums!) Whilst offering a super-fast free worldwide delivery, usually the same day despatched if order before 10am.

From Name tapes, Name labels for clothes, Name Tags for School Name.it.co.uk offer a range of additional resources. Which include Sew in Handicraft Labels, PPI Postage Labels, Customized Printed Ribbons, Address Labels, Combines PPI / Address Labels, Garment Care Labels, and other products. All which come under fantastic prices.

Have you found what you was looking for? If not there is place where it can be found.

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