The Hadascha Brutus collection.

by - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Afternoon readers,

What a blow out of coldness it has been of a day! (Its official the cold nap as hit the UK)
Throughout the last week whilst I was shopping and browsing the sales of some of my favourite department’s stores, I came across a collection I feel in love with. You will once you have read about the collection. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Hadascha Brutus collection.

“I am a Luxury Resort/travel Wear designer (23 years old) and I just returned back to the United States from Paris, France upon receiving my masters in Fashion design and management at International Fashion Academy. While there I did an internship in the showroom of Diane Von Furstenberg. I received my BFA in Orlando, FL at International academy of design and technology in fashion design and merchandising. I do resort wear inspired by a classic icon wardrobe on trips, fictitious scenarios that are beautiful. I create these stories so the women who stepped into the garments can make it their own in their journey in life. Hadascha Inc is all about women being classic, luxurious and being memorable. - Hadascha

This collection is something that is effortless, classic, and luxurious. Whilst making sure that all pieces within the collection are suitable to be packed in your suitcase for all year round. The Hadascha collection was inspired by the marriage of Marilyn Monroe & Tony Montana and her fabulous wardrobe on this trip. The collection consists of classic silhouettes whilst being stylish and comfortable to wear from day to night. Making sure you can add your favourite earrings, heels or flats, and a clutch to your outfit efficiently whilst making a statement without changing your clothing. 

 The collection does this through the necklines and bold block colours used which makes the garments, more efficient and makes a statement without trying too hard ladies.  

This is what we all need!

Enter the world of the Hadascha collection.

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